Raptors & Remnants – See You Around


Listen to Raptors & Remnant’s latest single “See You Around”

“See You Around,” the latest offering from the independent musician Nicolas Gonzales is all encompassing in its approach. Backed by a single artwork and newsletter, R&R wholeheartedly explore the notion of music for the sake of art and even art for the sake of music.

This soul-searching track┬ámakes way to a uniquely different take of R&R’s typical┬ásinging style, with Nicolas flaunting his lower vocal range all whilst inviting the listener on this aural journey of harmony and a longing for love. The listener is welcomed into a world that offers downtempo-ed acoustic drums, warm layered vocal harmonies, and guitar pieces that read like a love letter to the broken hearted. The accompanying lyrics speak of struggle, misunderstanding and a hopeful resolve.

Raptors & Remnants provide a soundtrack to lonely nights, early Fall afternoons, and empty stares across the dining room table with one’s lover.

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