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Latent narcissism is a sleeping monster within us all. A couple of factors in the digital age have awoken this monster as the self-indulgent, selfie, made an entry into the oxford dictionary.

The selfie is ingrained into our culture and The Fuss went to Oppikoppi to discover and share in this cultural phenomenon.

What we noticed is that the majority of folks are keen to take a selfie, having encountered only one individual who declined the invitation.

People are open to taking selfies and most quite enjoy it. The problem we encountered is that the majority of people did not know how to take a selfie. So we decided to compile a few guidelines which should ensure that your next selfie is to the standards of James Franco the King Of Selfies.

  • Great selfies are often a matter of great backdrops
  • Know your angles. Taking a selfie from above is best.
  • Lighting is everything and natural light is best.
  • Don’t be too serious. Express your personality or current feel.
  • Interact with a display of intensity, intimacy or strangeness.
  • A mirror always helps.
  • Don’t abuse the selfies and always post in moderation.

“It’s less about narcissism—narcissism is so lonely!—and it’s more about being your own digital avatar.” Chayka adds, “Smartphone selfies come out of the same impulse as Rembrandt’s … to make yourself look awesome.” Franco says selfies “are tools of communication more than marks of vanity … Mini-Mes that we send out to give others a sense of who we are.” Selfies are our letters to the world. They are little visual diaries that magnify, reduce, dramatize—that say, “I’m here; look at me.”

Human is interested mostly in the discovery of self in the scheme of external factors. If they had iPhones during the stone-age we may have had more than just rock paintings to understand their times.

We’re all performers or storytellers and maybe there is nothing narcissistic or vain about the selfie after all. At least in a million years time humans will have countless archived historical descriptors of the Oppikoppi experience.

“Look at us. We’re at Oppikoppi”.

Oppikoppi Selfie

Kirsty Morrison (right)

Kirsty Morris. Doing her honours in Fine Arts at Wits.

“I’ve been to three Oppikoppis”

Reason for coming? I come to Oppikoppi to party with my friends and liberate my soul. A few days away from the real world is always good for you.”

Artists To See? Everytime I go to Oppikoppi wanting to watch the international artists and the local hip hop artists. But I always end up getting too wild and staying at the Red Bull stage -dancing until the sun comes up. Then the next day I realise I just missed all the acts and I feel bummed for a minute but then I get over it because whatever I was doing, it was a mad fucking time with the best memories.”

Oppikoppi Selfie

Sinziana Sandulescu

Sinziana Sandulescu. Works at an advertising agency.

“This is my fourth Oppikoppi”

Reason For Coming? “I came for the lekker jol.”

Artists To See? “I came for The Editors and Wolfmother.”


Oppikoppi Selfie

Hanro Havenga

Hanro Havenga. Maker of photographs, videos, music, and maybe even art.

“My first Oppikoppi was the last easter one in 2009. This is my seventh.”

Reason For Coming? “Tradition and some work.”

Artists To See? “I see a lot of local acts around so no one in particular. Of course the international are always a selling point.”


Oppikoppi Selfie

Michael Ronald

Michael Ronald. Graphic Designer.

“This is my fifth fucking fabulous Oppikoppi. They never cease to amaze me.”

Reason For Coming? “Honestly, I’ve never come to Oppikoppi for the bands they bring. Except for Manchester Orchestra. Which was amazeballs. It’s always been about the vibe and energy everyone brings to the festival. It’s like we become one big turn-down-for-what-family and I love it.”

Artists To See? “I don’t wanna be rude but none of the international bands really pulled me to come. Like I said, just the vibe is enough to keep me coming. On the other hand, it’s always awesome seeing bands like Shortstraw, Matthew Mole, Christian Tiger School, and PHFat, showing the world what we got.”


Oppikoppi Selfie

Eve Rakow (right)

Eve Rakow. Cult Leader.

“I’ve been to four [Oppikoppis]. One of which was by accident.” 

Reason For Coming? “To cast spells on people”

Artists To See? “Dookoom, The Frown, Madala Kunene, Fantasma, Bra Hugh Masekela, and DJ Danger Ingozi”


Oppikoppi Selfie

Russell Grant

Russell Grant. Bassist for Shortstraw and co-owner of The Bioscope.

“I’ve played at three [Oppikoppis] and I attended two before that.”

Reason For Coming? “I come for the party. But certainly not the dusty tent. I’ve done a few late night trips home. The last two times I’ve stayed in a lodge just outside the festival”

Artists To See? “I wouldn’t say there has been a single artist or band I’ve ever come specifically for. I would go to oppikoppi for its sheer size and amount of different options.”


Oppikoppi Selfie

Tzvi Karp

Tzvi Karp. Fashion Designer.

“This was my very first Oppikoppi. I was fashionably late at losing my Oppi virginity.”

Reason For Coming? “I came to Oppikoppi to support my close friend, Jamie-Lee Sexto, from the band, The Sextons.”

Artists To See? “The Sextons, Spoek Mathambo, and Shortstraw.”


Oppikoppi Selfie

Millicent Tsela (right)

Millicent Tsela. Digital Designer.

“First Oppikoppi ever. Can’t believe I waited so long. It is the best. Never missing another”

Reason For Coming? “I felt the FOMO hard and decided I need to experience it at least once. Now I am hooked.”

Artists To See? “Sarah Blasko, Fridge Poetry, PHFat, Matthew Mole, Spoek Mathambo, Aloe Blacc, Wolfmother, Crazy White Boy, Some Grow Young and Shortstraw. Lots more, but can’t think of them now.”


Oppikoppi Selfie

Roger Sivuyile

Roger Sivuyile. Works content for ANDPEOPLE.

“Odyssey is my second ever Oppikoppi after Bewilderbeast last year”

Reason For Coming? “I came to Oppikoppi to enjoy a few days away from the city with good friends, great music and a good ol’ dirty jol really.”

Artists To See? “I don’t have a specific band I want to see. But I had to see Hugh Masekela before I died and I did. It was great”

It would be self-defeating and  overtly altruistic if I exlcuded myself from the gallery.

Oppikoppi Selfie

Thozi Sejanamane

Thozi Sejanamane. Music whore.

“This is my fifth Oppikoppi.”

Reason For Coming? “To share in the joy of listening to music.”

Artists To See? “Future sounds of mzansi.”


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Words By Thozi Sejanamane


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