Shortstraw release ‘Our Simple Minds’ lyric video


The ninth release from Those Meddling Kids

Soaring high over an endless gaze of aquatic geometry, ‘Our Simple Minds’ is a tastefully complex re-introduction into the ever-progressive sounds of Shortstraw.

Woven in blossoms of malaise and then flung chaotically through uncertainty, failed romance can often parade itself in good intentions until it rears its head mockingly at the most intimate lacunas of your emotional well-being. We’re plagued by lustful desires and blinded by misguided ideals of “the perfect love affair” that too often we’re toying with real human experiences.

Our minds labyrinthine corridors sometimes (read most times) remove the sensibility from the feeling and leaves us dumbfounded at reality. We’re lost between right here and right now and overwhelmed by co-existing for the sake of that deep and misunderstood notion of love.

These ideas are presented through a new offering in the vocal range of singer, Alistair, and then further deconstructed by his effortless yet melancholic lyrical penmanship.

Driven by a soft bed of nostalgic synth that then whirlwinds into an aggressive display of hue and cry for ironically, quiet.

The accompanying images stimulate that push into nothing with that pull of holding on to everything. The literal life and death feeling of holding onto everything.

You’re moved to stillness through disruption.



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