Slide Jozi 2015


Sliding Through The West With Our Woes

You have no excuse not to have an epic weekend filled with the Little Dragon concert, some late evening DnB at the Iron Tusk and what promises to be the perfect start to a steller summer what with West Street, Sandton being covered with a 300 meter long slippery slide on Saturday the 17th of October as Sandton becomes an urban playground for Slide Jozi.

Pieced together like a Waterworld themed ride set in the urban chaos of Sandton, Slide Jozi promises to be a fun-filled family experience with the added benefit of less traffic due to the not-so-popular EcoMobility Festival – but we’ll let you decide on that for yourself.

Now we won’t lie, sliding down Sandton’s corporate West Street whilst listening to some of the local acts the likes of TiMO ODV, HouseHold Funk, Kyle Cassim, Mark Stent, Vin Groovin and other names we haven’t heard of amongst possible multitudes of screaming spoilt children and “hip-to-be” parents doesn’t sound like our shot of Jäger but the team at Spiced Productions have yet to put on an event that isn’t world class. So basically, we’ll give it a shot.

Sliding times will be broken down in four slots allowing people to the pick the time slot they would like to experience the slide of their life and buy tickets accordingly. Tickets will also be on sale for unlimited slides throughout the day and there will be spectator tickets on sale for the few who prefer not to brave the slide.

Slide Time Slots:
Slot A: 10am – 12pm
Slot B: 12pm – 2pm
Slot C: 2pm – 4pm
Slot D: 4pm – 6pm

Obvs you can’t forget to bring a towel, costumes, hats, and sunscreen cos no one wants to be sharing that kinda stuff. And if you’re a hairy chested beer-bellied dad, please wear a t-shirt and pants, actually just don’t slide (just kiddin’).

Slide Jozi Square Post

“A unique experience where adults can act like kids again and somewhere where kids can spend time with their parents. This event is a full day out for the whole family. All you need is a costume, towel, camera and a smile!”

Slide Jozi

17th September 2015

West Street, Sandton, JHB

TiMO ODV, HouseHold Funk, Sisco Umlambo, Apollo, Shorty on SAX, Kyle Cassim, Mark Stent, Vin Groovin, DJ JC and Felix Brendel.

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