Stache: With a great moustache comes great responsibility


November marks that special time of the year when men’s health gets celebrated and supported.

If you’ve ever heard the term “Movember”, and always wondered what it means, then this is the article to keep reading.

Movember (the month also known as November) is a moustache growing charity event held annually during November to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

At the start of the month, men are asked to register on the Movember website. They start with a clean shaven face, and have the remainder of the month to grow and groom their moustaches. On average, men die four years younger than women. Men are also 40% more likely to die of cancer than women in South Africa, with one in six South African men being diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

The Movember rules make it quite clear that the hair-cultivating aspect of Movember is strictly for men, but rules are meant to be broken, ladies….

With men losing sight of the true meaning of No-Shave November, and women cannot grow that sexy moustache, it is more important than ever for women to support this cause, drop the razors and let it grow.

This Movember we will see some of our local talent that is politely asking everyone to participate, even the ladies, without growing a moustache ourselves, but we don’t have to play the part of the perfect, pardon my French, “pussy-shaving housewife” in order to support prostate cancer research. We can turn ourselves into the human Chia Pets of men’s nightmares with flowing 70’s bushes and bristly leg hair. While also raising awareness about men’s health – and dare I say it, supporting the men in our lives by not shaving in solidarity.

Men from all over the globe will be challenged to grow a moustache for the entire November, so why not take part in this cancer movement and not shave your legs for the whole month? Or do it in the way you please.

Partnering up with those stach’ed people over at Movember to set up a little 80’s themed party, Stache will take place at the old time favourite bar, for many at least, the Bohemian. With a killer line-up showcasing We Are Charlie, BOXER, MIAGII and Nudisto.

Stay Classy this Movember by dressing up in your favourite 80’s outfit and come support Cancer causes man!

19:00 to 02:00
South Africa
From 11-11-16 to 12-11-16

Mustache’s eh? They’re hard to grow, they catch food and your S/O doesn’t like the way they feel on their inner-thighs. It’s a good thing they look so dangerous, because owning a mustache can be quite cac

You know what else is dangerous and cac? Cancer and THAT’S why every November a whole bunch of dudes grow mustaches. Insane! We know. This November we thought it would be lekker to help the cause, so we partnered up with those stach’ed people down at Movember and set up a little 80’s themed shindig at The Boh

Here’s the lowdown:
R30 with a Stache, ladies that includes you
R50 No Stache
***All Proceeds are going straight to the Movember Cause***

***LINE UP***
23:30 BOXER
22:30 We Are Charlie
21:30 MIAGII

MC the sexy Jason Lume
Dress up: 80’s As F**k

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