Straight feels from Beat Sampras


With chords that sugar our audible attraction

beat sampras EP

There’s that flickering motion where your eyes are sworn off the sunlight because of its strength in light, but also cursed by their ability to keep looking forward, leaving you with a fluttering vibration between your eyelashes that offer you harmony for one pure second collapsing into the next. This is the kind of feeling that lingers from start to finish in ‘Set it Off’. Layering up on all the sounds that really imprint our core, so it begins with the hip hop, R&B and jazz trio of genres, all together by the duo that is Beat Sampras.

‘Heaven’ is reminiscent of the earlier works of King Krule, a slightly surreal down tempo version, in which the lightness shapes its form with congruency and its lyrical seduced reverb gives daydreams a reason to survive. Don’t get too rhythmic by the smoothness in its inception as ‘C.M.F.R.T’ oozes sex appeal in its specific blooming notes that feel the weight in their shift from slow and steady to vibrant and loose. Don’t mistake this track for anything other than what it is: a soundtrack to the epic story we all love to hate: when boy meets girl.

Rising their fuel by soaking the grind and calculating into a dance track, ‘Days we don’t forget’ is a story about complexity and moods alike. As the guitar takes centre stage when the beat drops, all ears are on its idea of movement, for it flows in niceties and generosity and then elects contrasts in a harmony that is endearing, as its chords sugar our audible attraction for the subdued and the poignant.

‘Three’ and ‘All I Felt was Soul’ are throwbacks to the moment I first heard Beat Sampras, nursing a hangover in the sun on a lazy afternoon. The pace of these tracks are an ode to the way we are in the world:  bashful, poised and welcoming clutter, hype and enthusiasm. With an exceeding shoe-in of frivolity and innocence, the world’s colouring is fine, as long as this backtrack keeps running.



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