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Listen to Sutherland’s latest single “The Invisible”

Nothing Major alumni Sutherland have released their new EP The Invisible. The EP was produced and recorded at High Seas Studio with Jacques Du Plessis and Adrian Erasmus. Their inspiration for all of the songs came from the different life experiences they have gone through as a band over the past couple of years.

I was curious about their song writing process and asked the band if it gets any easier recording new tracks as time goes by.

“The more we record, the more comfortable we feel in studio. We also tend to learn something new every time, which always helps when gearing up for the next session,” says Sutherland.

One of the biggest things that make it easier, or more difficult, is who the band decides to record with.

“The guys over at High Seas Studio really made recording The Invisible EP so much fun and so easy. They are just the best,” the band expresses.

Mika is currently away, so the band have found a replacement in Ren. I looked into how the atmosphere has changed since the swop.

“Mika is one of our best buds – so it was going to be a tough one either way. Things with the band didn’t really slow down when he left though. Ren is a great friend of ours, a super talented dude and super professional,” explains Sutherland.

“He’s done such a great job and has really helped us keep the momentum. We’re really happy to have him join the Sutherland ‘fam’. So yes, we’ll most probably be recording with him in the near future.”

Sutherland will be making the debut performance at Oppikoppi this year, so I asked the band how they feel about the upcoming festival and where they will be camping.

“Oppikoppi is one of those festivals that every South African band wants to be a part of and when we found out that we would be playing this year we almost couldn’t believe it, “ Sutherland clarifies.

“We’ve been on the District 9 (The boorish end of the camping site) side of the fence for a while… so it might be nice to see if the grass is greener on the other side,” They add.

Their ideal festival to play at would be Rocking the Daisies. Internationally speaking they woould have to go with Coachella & Glastonbury. “Although playing any international festival would be incredible.” says Sutherland.

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