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I have had an ‘aha’ moment with each one of the bands that are performing at That Art Party this coming weekend. Living frivolously off the flumes of their digital personas, with congruent attachment to their live emblems in theatre, mood and attire, each musician has been curated to season the introductory narrative of That Art Fair, that led up to their conception, a contemporary enigma of their masters for the audience.

Only those who truly understand the selection of who will be playing for us will really gain the traction into their canvases of plenty. Localising, importing and generating different flows of musicality, each artist has brought a consciousness to their craft by adding only one thing: themselves.

Whether it’s the perusal of Spoek Mathambo’s multi-faceted channels into experimentation and collaboration or Felix Laband’s shift out of your comfort zone into tones that rivet your nerve endings, your choice will lie in the novel and in the fruition.

We get to see Batuk debut their introductory EP to a Cape Town audience, mellowing and stimulating listeners with their nuances of spoken word, tonal vocalities and serious fusion music from Aero Manyelo and Spoek Mathambo. The central function of Batuk’s multi-disciplinary approach is to use their sound as a vehicle to connect the African diaspora based on shared and exchanged rhythm culture and language.

John Wizards will be there to remind us what fun feels like in your twenties with their eclectic mix of R&B, Soukous, Afropop, Reggae, House, Shangaan Electro and Dub, while Deaf Safari chants and hums through the speakers from the notorious producer Felix Laband.

Umlilo is expected to be a highlight for all new eyes, as their avant-garde videos are only a teaser of what’s to emerge on stage. Their wave after wave of raw, evocative and enigmatic music will echo for days after. The gender-bending performer has captivated international and local audiences with his signature style of ‘future kwaai’ music, which is an artistry in itself. And to completely take me off the edge of this stellar line-up, they have added Original Swimming Party to its pool of finesse.

Last year’s party saw a lineup of some of South Africa’s most respected art and music influencers, and 2016’s lineup surely could not disappoint. If you want to be part of the creativity that vibrates off the Palms Decor and Lifestyle centre in Woodstock this Friday, you’re just in luck – we are giving away two sets of double tickets to our loyal readers.

that art party

“Last year’s much-talked about party saw a line-up of some of South Africa’s most repected luminaries of the art and music world, and 2016’s line-up is certain not to disappoint! If you’re keen to take advantage of the wave of creativity taking over Cape Town in February, this is the turn-up not to miss!”

That Art Party

Felix Laband, Original Swimming Party, Umlilo, John Wizards, BATUK, Spoek Mathambo DJ Set

19 February 2016

Woodstock, Cape Town

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