The Goldilox Zone – Gravity


Listen to The Goldilox Zone’s latest single “Gravity”

The Goldilox Zone’s Bump In The Night EP was one of my favourite musical discoveries of 2014. Regardless of the substandard production and recording, I could see through the obstructions. The potential and talent of the band was as clear as a diamond in the coal is to a seasoned miner.

Almost exactly a year later The Goldilox Zone has released a single called “Gravity”. The band recorded the single at High Seas Studios and the enhancement in production quality is immediately identifiable. As a listener, you no longer have to mine the coal to notice the diamond.

“Gravity” reflects the development of the band in their ability to draw all the good from their Bump In The Night EP, combining it into one song without the music feeling cluttered.

Jarred Wood (vocalist) soothes us into “Gravity” before the music breaks into a lively jazz-funk groove led by a strong back-beat. The music is more mature as the band has come to appreciate that notes are just as important as the spaces between them – the melody achieves more by doing less. The lyrical content seems to be philosophical as Jarred exclaims “We all want to be/ something bigger than what we appear/ to be”. “Gravity” concludes with a mellow reggae rhythm as the band suggests their liberty in chanting, “Stop / Mary Jane / music and / total freedom”. It’s not by chance that the songs running time is 4:20.

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