The Morning After A Date With The Night | SUMO House Party


“Oh my God, but my name is on the guest list,” were the first words I heard as I walked through the gates of 32 Keyes Road. Typical underage girls were causing a fuss because they obviously didn’t have ID. I handed over my driver’s licence quite smugly, and the girls scanning tickets told me I was one of the first ‘of age’ they had seen that night.

It didn’t really phase or deter me. I used to sneak in to parties when I was a fresh-faced fifteen year old. May as well let the kiddies have their fun. I had arrived by myself, so my first mission of the evening was to find my friends – who obviously weren’t answering their phones. So instead I wandered to the bar, bought a red bull, and made my way to the dance floor. Although I suppose one shouldn’t really call it a dance floor. Rather a dance room. A tightly packed dance room at that.

But that’s probably one of my favourite parts about Sumo – this being my fourth time going. I love the sweltering heat, the strobe lights, the constant bumping and bashing, and the thumping speakers – with some of the best electro artists on deck. Feed the Animals was top-notch, as was Das Kapital (as always.) But personally I believe Liver stole the night. We were front and centre jamming to his glorious beats, and nothing is comparable to his PHfat ‘We are Animals’ mix.

Sumo Say Pop Is Dead
My night ended somewhat suddenly unfortunately. Having a breather outside, my friend and I decided to sit on a ledge. After standing up, I realised there was an horrendous stench. I tried to locate it, and finally did – on my leather jacket. Of course, I managed to sit in someone’s puddle of vomit. All I can say is, at least it makes a good story and at least this unpleasant experience made the night memorable.

Except for the vomit episode, it was an epic night. And of course, one must always end a piece with a memorable quote.

A boy to his friend: “Bru, do you think she’s hot?”
Friend: “nah, not really. But I’d let her give me head.”

written by Rosa Elk


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