Watch Thor Rixon Perform Unreleased Tracks


Crammed in the booth with a live band

Thor Rixon was the latest guest on Get Physical Sessions. The producer who in recent times has made Berlin his home away from home, joins country men Jazzuelle and Ryan Murgatroyd who have also been guests on Get Physical’s live stream performance show which is recorded in the label’s office in Berlin.

The acclaimed producer was joined by three companions for a live performance of some of his latest productions. Thor Rixon took the helm guiding the journey with an Akai APC Controller with live support from Paulo Guido on saxophone,  Harry Charles on the electronic guitar, and Olmo manning an effects terminal.

The 42-minute performance is a kaleidoscopic improvisational journey through deep house and techno. The first track we hear is his latest release on Get Physical Music, ‘The Clown’, which he recently released with an engrossing performance art video. Thereafter we hear an anthology of unreleased material which signals an exploration into the more familiar and danceable territories of electronica following the deconstructive and experimental Songs From The Bath LP.


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