Vincent – About Distance


Listen to Vincent’s debut album About Distance

Autonomy exists when the moonlight glimpses its half crescent smile. Counter reacting from its former shape and altering into its other part is the norm of its creation of a monthly cycle. Just like the lunar phases evoke evolving signs of clarity and luck, so shall the people who inhabit their cycles.

For Vincent, there must have been a shift, possibly out of discomfort, or maybe the need to move on. It is so that Danielle (and Alex) Hitchcock of former noise, pseudo-punk, surf Capetonian bands The Dollfins and Beach Party have moved to Berlin to create music so far from her earlier genres that it ultimately makes sense to land up here- in what feels like an ambient soundtrack, possibly to their life that side of the world. Partnering up with textural electronic loops and pensive vocals, this album is delicate, fuelled by liquid-like streams of softness and contoured by static levels of beatific tones. Allow yourself to travel with Vincent in their debut album About Distance. Perhaps the next cycle and mood of the music will alter the tempo entirely.

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