Vox Portent Channels The Shamanic On Latest EP


Moon Temple Is The Latest From The Fuss List Alumnus

Downtempo electronic music producer, Vox Portent, just released a new six-track EP on his independent label isupposeja. Moon Temple is the title of the EP and it is the producers’ fifth full release. The EP comes 9 months following the release of his debut LP, Youth.

While Vox Portent’s emotive productions have always had a spiritual flare, Moon Temple, is anchored to a specific geographical area: South America. Filled with the sounds of traditional flutes, lutes, bells and the berimbau, the conceptual release draws heavily from the tribal roots of South America.

On Moon Temple, Vox Portent introduces us to our first experience of what is called ketapop. The genre, coined by German producers, Ninze, Okaxy, and Niju, is characterised by “a hypnotically slow rhythm of driving bass kicks, interestingly processed vocal samples, and often exotic-sounding instrumentation and percussion woven in a reminiscently trippy fashion through somber melodies” according to Deeply Moved. The EP induces a shamanic trance which is in accordance with the ketapop’s allusion to the trance-inducing effects of ketamine.

An early favourite from the EP, ‘El Fuego’, sees Vox Portent singing in Spanish with an interpretation of Manu Chao’s popular ‘Me Gusta Tu’.

Vox Portent says of Moon Temple of Facebook:

“I’m not sure what to say except that this is very different to my previous releases. I’m always exploring different styles of music and I’ve had a lot of fun with this project. I was listening to mostly South American Artists and tribal music during this time plus this sound is what my live sets sound like at the moment.”

Stream Moon Temple via Soundcloud below.


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