Taking The Fuss to the NXT LVL


What is The Fuss?

According to the Google dictionary, Fuss is a display of unnecessary or excessive excitement, activity, or interest.

When I started a tumblr blog a few months after my band split up, excessive excitement, activity and interest is exactly what I was trying to create for local independent music. While I wasn’t going to be able make music in a band anymore, my experience as a musician in the scene meant that I had to somehow remain involved.

A music blog allowed me to remain involved. But, to create actual change within the space I had to make the URL translate to something tangible IRL. That’s when the blog evolved into a shop and started hosting gigs. That’s when the blog reached the NXT LVL.

Eventually my desire to share music saw me become a DJ. All of this was fueled primarily by information, connections and lessons from the internet.

So what is The Fuss?

The Fuss is not a guitar.
The Fuss is not a job.
The Fuss is not a camera.
The Fuss is not a phone.
The Fuss is not music.
The Fuss is not a shop.

The Fuss is all of the above and anything and everything I need to create excitement, activity and interest in local independent music and reach the NXT LVL.
What’s your NXT LVL?

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