Albinobeach – Cacophonic


The Journey of Melodic Compositions

Fused by heavy creations of godly guitar beckoning, Albino Beach start their album in a whirlwind of sedated chords, stirring your ears into the metal- eccentric nuances. “I hope you choke on that cherry” wakes us up, alerting fans and newbies to their journey of new age symphonies. Here, they begin to explore more of what they are and where they go, will be revealed as you journey with them.

With space-like chimes echoing in the background, the drums introduce the jazzy and progressive nature of the men who strum. Their instruments excel in movement, allowing the mood to travel with different paces. One moment of “A’jole One” seems like an eternity as it explores new depths on so many levels. The first section is quite slimy and peculiar, endearing the noise to follow. 8 minute songs have their way of dating you, keeping it shy at first and leading you to their charm. This track teaches me the art of mastering the interest. You feel the listener in with sophisticated musical contours and then stimulate them with extremes of technical noise with undertones of groove funk.

“Emeralds” is more melodic in its composition, with staggering single spacey chords trailing behind the foreground. I can feel the layers teaming up and moving onwards,  a similar approach used in “ Croupier”, where the ordinary becomes complex and drives its own measures to seduce you.

Grimy and more gutsy movement comes from “Stay out, mom” while “Summer Cramp” sways from its core of post-rock influences.

“Gumbo Dance” has a very localized feeling, using drums reminiscent of a village ritual, and sometimes even entering a Latino-like convergence in its own dramatic way. I find the track so intense and so emotional that it feels like it should end there, but “Hip Deep” carries on the journey with synth surrounding its tones and then only ends with “ Cacophonic” which sets for the finish to what feels like an almost exotic and adventurous album. With the two extra band members this time around, one can only embrace the very present and nostalgic way of their songs. They will visit me in my daydreams evermore.


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