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Centigrade is increasing, the nights are getting shorter and every weekend is cause for celebration as we approach the conclusion of another year. The crescendo of the calendar instils a celebratory mood as countless refreshments battle to be the beverage of our summer.

A few weeks back Strongbow made a strong case to deserve the cider of our summer title with the relaunch of the brand with three varieties: Original Dry, Gold Apple and Red Berries. The theme of the launch was centred on #NatureRemix with Strongbow remixing the cityscape with touches of nature. The concept is best encapsulated in the video below:

The launch event saw Strongbow recreate the #NatureRemix concept at Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein. While the choice of venue was precedented, it was the injection of nature which created a memorable experience for all in attendance. The scene was set throughout the venue with elaborate decor wrapping the concrete facade with swathes of nature. As with the video above the key centrepiece at the launch event was a massive tree. The difference here was that this tree was enshrouded by a kaleidoscope of origami butterflies which was a precursor to what was the climax of the day.

With DJ Half n’ Half orchestrating the days soundtrack we reached climax just before 1 in the afternoon.  It was at this time that 8000 origami butterflies were released in Braamfontein to create the butterfly effect. The butterflies, created by origami artist Ross Symons, were made from organic, bio-degradable paper embedded with seeds that will
in turn bring more natural beauty to the city.

True to the scientific definition of butterfly effect, that single occurrence changed the course of the universe through nature and each and every person in attendance.

Check out our favourite moments from the day below and be sure to follow Strongbow on Twitter and Facebook as more guerilla nature moments are planned to infiltrate the city.

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