Interview with December Streets


Ahead of Halloween at the Voortrekker Monument we chat to December Streets about the diverse line-up, their planned costumes and the first time their heard their music on 5FM.


How did the band get discovered?

We still remember it quite clearly, Catherine Grenfell played out first radio single ‘My Name’ on 5FM as her chosen track of the week four years or so ago and we had no idea till we heard it on the radio. It was an incredible feeling that never gets old! From then on, people started knocking at our doors.

The local music scene is slightly fragmented at the moment, do you still find it difficult to get people to come out to live shows?

I think the music scene around the world is in an odd phase, learning to adjust to the influx digital access has created, but that’s part of life. You need to embrace new; adapt or fade out with the rest. We’ve used it as best we can to our advantage and are continually learning, creating content that people can engage with and hopefully be drawn to our live shows with.

What can we expect for the rest of 2016: If there is a new album in the pipeline, would you say you’re experimenting with new sound or adding any new instruments into the mix?

We are always experimenting with new sounds, it’s what makes music so exciting! We are definitely working towards a new album this year, but without pressure. We believe firmly in writing and creating music that we feel at the time and releasing it in those stages. Bits of awesome, evolving music as we grow. Soon we will compile what we have learned into a big album.

You guys have been around since 2009, how has the music scene changed since your beginnings?

Its definitely more open in being able to reach audiences and ears, the trick is creating a sound that will keep those ears interested and paying attention.

Do you guys have any unique backstage rituals?

Nothing out of the ordinary, we sometimes run and jump around shouting loud noises after a few too many Red Bulls. Im yet to encounter an artist that performs a yoga ritual or tap dances before a show.

What are your go-to songs to sing at a Karaoke?

Bohemian Rhapsody, when I’m feeling brave. Otherwise any 90’s classic, the lyrics are bred into my brain through my parents, so it makes reading the karaoke prompter slightly less challenging after a few drinks.

What are your outfit ideas for Halloween?

We were thinking about building a kissing booth from a cardboard box, or else cutting two eye holes in a Pick ’n Pay plastic packet…kidding – we have something awesome planned, but I cannot ruin the surprise yet.

You guys have played at the Voortrekker Monument before for Park Acoustics, what do you feel will make this venue for this event different?

We have indeed, it’s a fantastic venue! This event will be a unique experience with all the zombies and vampires (typically not seen at Park Acoustics, unless you look closely or stay after sunset).

How do you guys feel playing alongside such a diverse line-up? Who stands out to you and will you be putting some time aside to watch some acts?

Diversity is how it should be done, something for everyone! It also makes interesting conversations back stage. We’re big fans of our homies Grassy Spark who always bring such an awesome vibe to the party. Also the gents from Sol Gems, we love their sound. But in actual fact, we’re keen to see all the acts on the evening (impossible but will try).



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