Apple Gule Releases His Brand New Single ‘Wave G’Bye’


I’m saying goodbye. Good riddance to my old life.

To accomplish characteristics for your sound, one has to experiment with two vital assets: honest lyrics and chemistry with producers. So lucky for his audience and his craft, Swaziland born and Joburg based musician, Apple Gule, resonates with this sentiment.

‘Wave G’Bye’ is the latest track off Apple’s debut album. Riding on the success from his song ‘In Your Life’ from his earlier EP Handwritten. He has never been more ready to reveal himself to an open journey of truth, life and its ever continuing story.

Apple Gule wouldn’t ever want to put himself in a box, but he’d say his style of music could be labeled as Soulful-Pop.

“I think I am the gap between a plethora of genres. I have a very old school method of writing music, soulful music at that, but I try to adapt it to new contemporary sounds and music,” says Apple.

“I don’t want to limit myself. As music changes, I try change with it, but keeping my soul element with it. I have a unique voice that is quite emotional too.”

The track is catchy, merging rich melodies between the vocals and sounds, that embed their movement into the foreground. The soul in the music is a culmination of things. Think lyrics, harmony and composition, and level that out with a commercial undertaking that radios will relish. Apple has the passion, talent and honest approach to music which most artists dream of.




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