Gangsterdam enlist the services of Ken and Barbie in “Hustle”


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So my first reaction was eerie, like watching porn with Stacy’s mom type of weird, but what can we can expect from the fellows over at Gangsterdam, they have always been a bunch of fascinatingly-unusual human beings.

Gangsterdam’s latest video originated from an idea to make a music video using dolls as it seemed easier than using people. They built a set from scratch, making D style’s flat a set building studio for 3 months, except they obviously had the help from pre-made doll toys, or Barbie if I may, which they were clearly not capable of making themselves.

The idea for the video was born before they actually knew what song they were going to use. Gangsterdam wanted to create a short film from the beginning and they were okay with the fact that it would be different to the actual lyrics or aim of the song; turns out that the song Gangsterdam chose and the final production of the video had more in common than expected.

The song “Hustle”, as well as the video, are both about missing someone and about being distracted by the idea of missing them. In the video, the main character ( who they named Chad) loses his wife, and his immediate unthinking emotional reaction is to go and get wasted, take pills and distract himself from the fact that his wife has been kidnapped, but he can’t seem to forget her.

In the scene at the bar, you can see visuals moving against the wall that seems to be the video for “Daemonize” creating a story within a story.  After “Chad” survives his knee jerking experience, he gets a call from the bad guy, played by Dan Apter, to have one last chance at saving the love of his life. At the end of the video, when his wife is dead and “Chad” sees fireworks in the distance, it reminds him of the horrible explosion that killed his wife as well as all the unforgettable times they shared. He will be reminded of his wife every time there are fireworks.

The story doesn’t really do it justice. Watch the video below.






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