Beatenberg signs to Island Records


Local loves of ours have just joined the roster of one of the world’s legendary & most artistically diverse, record labels

Since first surfacing in 2012, the band’s music has been celebrated because of its authenticity: they are individual in every sense of the word, when it comes to their outlook, their compositions and their symbiosis and collaboration with other musicians.

There are few South African acts that have been truly welcomed into the international majors space. Their music management agency, Black Major, are “positive that Beatenberg’s signing will help open doors for more artists creating homegrown music that appeals to a much broader, global audience.”

With the band’s signing to Island Records, there’s every reason to believe that Matthew Field, Ross Dorkin and Robin Brink will be South Africa’s first global pop success of the twenty first century – and that they will do this on the back of a sound that’s rooted in their home country’s indigenous styles but is unfailingly moving forward to the future.


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