Birthday Girl – Swimsuits


Listen to Birthday Girl’s debut single, “Swimsuits”

Newly formed Cape Town Band, Birthday Girl, have released their first track “Swimsuits “off their debut EP RITUALS, through the local label So Many Animal Calls Music (SMACM).

If you are familiar with the name Ben Rausch, you will know him for several things: his taste in music and his great illustration and VJ work with local greats such as kidofdoom and Eyes like Mirrors. He also happens to be the brains behind the label SMACM and has an ear for all that is benevolent, explosive and detailed.

His selective process is quite refined, so anyone who clicks the link below must know the label offering is purely for synchronization enthusiasts.

Birthday Girl is an electronic trio that fuses a range of acoustic instrumentation and composed sounds. Coming together from previous projects, Daniel Breiter of Fun Toy and HOOM; Dean Berger of Bateleur and Glenn Stein of Los Tacos formed Birthday Girl as a side project, with no intent to perform or release material. When they figured they were creating music they wanted to share, they knew they wanted to give it over for public consumption. The track’s melody begins with the keys taking centre stage. It then progresses into a more complex sound system where different synthesis is used to create collapsed and structured sound to complement one another. As the middle forms, the sound evolves, sucks up the white space and hits deeper, more gradient tones before it moves into a beautiful bliss of strings, which is taken apart by its electronic counterpart.

In a society that enjoys strumming along to a crowd for recognition of the commercial keepsake, it is refreshing to hear a new project come to fruition that relies on single notes and contrasting melodies.

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