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Hellcats, The Ts and Cs and The Tazers to embark on Eastern Cape tour

Who are The Ts & Cs?

The Ts & Cs entered the music scene about a year ago. They are a badass rock n’ roll band based in Johannesburg who bring a unique blend of indie with crunchy and melodic guitars, edgy and locked in drumming and dynamic bass. They have supported some local talent like PLUSH, aKING, Van Coke Kartel and Shadowclub.

This is the first large scale tour The Ts and Cs will be going on. So I can only imagine how amped they must be to play that side of the world.

I asked The Ts and Cs how they feel about the upcoming tour and the fact that Hellcats and The Tazers will be joining them;

“The bands on board are incredible and we love them as people too. It’s time the rest of the country gets exposed to what’s happening in the Joburg scene,” says The Ts and Cs.

For now they have one or two singles in the pre-production stage, and a music video that should be out just before Oppikoppi. Who knows, maybe somewhere down the line we can expect an album.

Catch their performance with Hellcats and Fokofpolisiekar at Arcade Empire before they embark on their tour. You can also download their EP at their website for free.

Who are Hellcats?

Hellcats are a two piece band from Johannesburg that play stripped down rock music. Alex Benigno sings and pounds on the drums while Warwick Rautenbach jams it out on the guitar.

I asked the band how they felt about their first performance and their response was not what I expected;

“We had one song when we were asked to play that gig, so we wrote 8 tracks in two weeks leading up to it. That’s kind of how it’s been ever since. We write music hard and fast and it kind of sounds the same I guess,” says Alex and Warwick.

Hellcats have this 60’s feel to their music with an influence between Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, David Bowie and Jimmy Hendrix.

“We don’t intentionally try and write to those genres, but when we write something that sounds like it was born in the seventies, we’re fucking ecstatic,” explains The Hellcats.

“It would be a fucking understatement to say that we’re inspired and in awe of what the local underground scene is producing right now”.

You can listen to some of their “terrible recordings” on their soundcloud profile. The band recorded all the tracks with one mic in the middle of a room.

“The sound is lo-fi and raw as hell and we’re pretty proud of it, “says the Hellcats.

“We cannot wait for this tour. The Tazers and the Ts & Cs are two incredible bands and such a rad

bunch of dudes. We’re ready to go start some shit with them.”

Who are The Tazers?

The Tazers started playing late 2013, but only started taking things seriously early 2014.

An album might be a far reach, but they are currently working on a EP that is about 60% complete, so be sure to keep an eye on their page as it will be launching soon.

They have been on tour before, with Bedouin Sea (Australia) and, played in Grahamstown, East London, St Francis and PE.The Best Tour Ever will be their second tour.

“We are super excited for The Best Tour Ever and we’re amped to be alongside Hellcats and The Ts & Cs, it’s set to be an alarmingly debaucherous long weekend,” says the lead singer, Jethro Lock.

“On a side note, one of our members will be getting tazed soon as part of our online hashtag #thetazerschallenge, so keep a look out for that. We’ll be playing some rad shows in the future and hopefully gaining some momentum in the scene.”


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