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Listen to Buli’s latest release EP Inner Space

Soundcloud and digital audio workstations have seen the emergence of the bedroom producer. In the past year, South Africa has begun to bear the fruits of the trend with an innovative and growing intelligent electronic music culture. Shibule Ndhambi who produces music as Buli is one of the cultures committed patrons.

Buli started in the fashion most producers do, releasing a singles on Soundcloud with the first being the silky smooth “Chill” which was released in the middle of last year.

After releasing a ton of singles on his Soundcloud, December 2014 saw Buli begin work on his debut EP Inner Space. He wanted to challenge and develop himself in creating a cohesive body of work. “I figured it was time for me to do something more than just posting singles on Soundcloud… At the time of the EP’s conception I decided that the EP shouldn’t just be a random collection of tracks. I felt like the songs had to flow from one song to the other.” explains Buli.

With a 21 minute running time the EP takes the listener on a continuous journey sonically and thematically. There is an obvious interstellar cosmic theme throughout the EP, and with NASA having released a library of space recordings round about the same time Buli started work on the EP, I wouldn’t be surprised if some were used on Inner Space. Buli was watching an astronomy show when he decided to title the EP Inner Space and he also cites Nosaj Thing and Tycho as heavy sonic influences.

My favourite track off the EP is the offbeat “Radiation”. Atmospheric and dense with a radiating bassline and an offbeat drum pattern “Radiation” sticks out amongst it peers. It is a deviation I’d appreciate for Buli to engage more and expirement going forward.

Stream Inner Space below and follow Buli on Soundcloud.


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