Cantrel releases his second single ‘Panic’


Prime Circle’s keyboardist tries his hand at electro-pop

Cantrel is led by Neil Breytenbach, the keyboardist from Prime Circle. He recently launched ‘Panic’ which features local rapper Velosity and vocalist Lauren Laing. The single was mixed and mastered in Germany; this miscellaneous electro-pop song is powerful and grabs your attention within the first few seconds.

Neil Breytenbach is a producer from Durban South Africa; the ‘Cantrel Collective’ was designed as an Alternative Pop Electronic style of music, drawing inspiration from bands such as Crosses, Depeche Mode and Lorde. While still keeping true to a unique genre of its own, the collective subsequently became a commercial reality.

His first single ‘World in My Hands’ elevates the track with the likes of Lauren Laing and Jonathan Grayson, bringing their own form of life to the song. The track was mixed and mastered by Will Brierre and Stephen Marcussen from Los Angeles, USA who has worked with Imagine Dragons, The Killers, The Foo Fighters and Nirvana.

The song features rap with an electronic backing and the vocals in ‘Panic’ are presented and delivered in an electronic vocoding and talk boxing. The single is not something I would listen to everyday, but it is definitely something that can grow on you, especially if electronica is something you are into.



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