Lance Herman releases self contained two-track EP


Approachable, versatile and immersed in the process


Versatility is the key to being more than just an identity; it aids in one’s direction into becoming a brand – and Lance Herman may very well be on his way to it. With several outtakes in my current pocket of the pool of content that is Lance Herman, I have experienced the premiere for his debut single and video ‘Rollercoaster’, the slowed down tempo and genuine semantics in his live performance at The Waiting Room, a slip into cross pollination and production by one of our local go-to guys: Thor Rixon and a two-track recording session at Red Bull Studios.

His live material is rich, honest and ethereal. Approachable and in-depth songwriting is a rarity these days, but Lance manages to ace it – with humility and sincerity on his side. Whilst complex and deeply emotive, adjusted by the support of a bassist and percussionist with his live material, these two tracks differ in their result.

‘Ride the Waves’ is the mega pop tune- jolly, deliriously happy and connotes a romcom in its purest form (think 500 Days of Summer soundtrack), the track’s melody is playful, lively and radio friendly.

‘Thin Bridge’ beautifies by an essence that resonates with Lance’s live process. The melody is glorified by its majestic mellow sedation. With twinkles serenading the track through the keys, uplifting the vocals, the composition appreciates the empty spaces and the linear dualities of the chord progressions as well as softer amplification and synth-like sonnets.

As each song gets released, it acts as a portfolio or holding of work Lance Herman – the solo artist – is readying and emerging into, and we sure are eager to watch the growth and formation he takes as an artist and careerist in the music industry.



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