Wandile Mbambeni releases Maturation EP


A mix of classical and jazz, themed by growth and maturity

Wandile is well-known for his signature story-telling of the songs he writes whilst creating a deep listening atmosphere. With a unique stage presence, he has the ability to make you feel like something special is happening through his music.

“Maturation is the art of maturity. It also means expansion and growth, just like my name in isiXhosa, ‘Wandile’.”

For the Maturation EP, Wandile kept a lot of his renowned raw sound, complimented by meaningful musical melodies at all times. He first wrote the music for the EP on software, then wrote the lyrics and afterwards recorded it with a full band to replace the virtual sounds with an organic, authentic sound.

“For this EP, my hunger for growth and maturity in my sound were my two main inspirations. I really wanted to mix the classical music and jazz genres together to blend it into a meaningful, timeless sound for the music on the EP.”

Watch the EP teaser below and purchase/stream the Maturation EP here.



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