LT releases ‘The Art’


A collaboration with Herb Vila and WRNR

Written a year ago by Herb Vila after listening to the instrumental music provided by LT (Louis Minnaar), the song’s inspiration was a dialogue around inspiration itself. In a world where trends are more prevalent than ever before, the inspiration was more of a question of what is missing or marginalized in music, especially when it comes to Hip Hop, or rather the Hip Hop we are most exposed to.

Working with LT encouraged him to create outside of his comfort zone, challenging formulas and showcasing that lyricism can exist in strange environments.

‘The Art’ forms a part of a Collab EP in which LT writes music which he then gives to vocalists/artists who interpret it, write lyrics, record vocals and then send back to him for further production. He has never worked with Herb Vila or WRNR before musically. He initially approached WRNR (Werner Burger) to do a collab track, and after the track took shape and he decided it required a rap vocal, he joined forces with Herb Vila.

Herb Vila describes the song as asking questions about creativity. Artists don’t create in a vacuum and to ignore that is something that needs addressing. As an artist, he tries to incorporate social issues into his thinking.

The song offers something quite different from LT’s previous offerings as a result of his collaboration with WRNR on music. WRNR wrote the basic baseline loop and melodic riff which LT then used to compose the track.


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