Itai hakim shares new song ‘Experiment 2’


A glimpse of what’s to come in his debut EP

An artist is bound to many layers of themselves. To the gods. To the collaborators. To the ones before them. Itai Hakim is in a relationship with his layers. That of his artistry and that of his growth. His skillset is a guide unto himself, contributing and sharing his potential with those who listen and envelop all he chooses to share. His craft is a gift, unburdened to unleash the sorrows and clarity, a lifeline and meaning from one plain within an essence to another plain that embraces his will. Since being introduced to his presence, that within the music, and above that, to his warmth and perspective, Itai Hakim sits in my subconscious igniting his gift. Always rooting for his voice, his poems and his sounds to appear, I have watched Itai define himself by embracing all: through his solo consciousness, with The Brother Moves On, being featured on Thor Rixon’s Songs From A Bath album and the duo Children of The Wind. This month we see Itai giving us his material in his debut EP. Here is a glimpse of a track, a pre-recording if you wish, that came from the boredom of not being where he belongs: in studio.

His debut EP will grace our ears on 27 April 2017.


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