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Taking a dive into the frivolous

PHFat went from three members to two in August 2013, and from two members to one in May 2016, leaving just smooth Mike to pilot the rap electro spaceship to it’s next destination. In recent shows, we’ve had a taste of the next destination with PHFat performing an unreleased track titled “Keep You Safe”.

The track is a detour from the dark and fantastical universe of PHFat. Produced by Mac Motel, the beat presents a laidback and colourful tapestry for Smooth Mike to lament nostalgically over a Llandudno love.

“It’s kind of an ode to all my high school crushes, you know? Like an ode to making mixtapes, and buying two tickets to a dance, and playing out whole lifetimes in your head while you daydream in maths class,” says the rapper. “There’s also an elusiveness to that high school crush and a loss of naivety that happens as a person works through it and grows up. I wanted to capture all of that.”

PHFat just released both the track and it’s quirky visual accompaniment. Smooth Mike enlisted the talent of high-school friend and multiple award winning advertising director, Rob Smith to direct the video. Smith who jump started his career directing the video The Plastics “Stereo Kids” jumped at the opportunity to indulge in the quirky with “Keep You Safe”.

The ambiguous video, shot at the Sea Point Pavilion swimming pool, features Smooth Mike performing whilst mesmerised by the romantic interest across the other side of the pool. Apprehensive bystanders break out into joy as each jumps into the pool with even a cameo from Mac Motel. Ultimately, the love interest also disappears into the pool leaving us to believe that what just transpired was not reality but maybe a memory.


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