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Ahead of his debut Mieliepop performance, we catch up with Disco discussing his first year as an independent artist, the tireless release schedule and what to expect at Mieliepop


The first track you released as Disco was titled ‘Kill Disco’ and it signalled the end of Disco Izrael. The name change came as you were tired of the political connotations linked to the name but it also came at an evolutionary period in your life. Take us through some of these changes and what got you back making music again.

2018 marks my first year as an independent artist.

You mentioned in an interview with Texxandthecity that “Disco is an engineered personality that [you]created”. Why is it so important that you separate who you really are as Marc Potgieter from the character you’ve created in Disco?

It isn’t really important. A lot of Disco is informed by my own experiences.

How do you balance keeping this identity separate from who you really are whilst also ensuring that people can personally relate to themes and ideas discussed in the universe of Disco?

I don’t have to try and balance it. Everyone I meet sees me different and everyone experiences the music in different ways.

Does anything that happens in your personal life affect the music you create as Disco?

Definitely, but sometimes I’ll have an idea stuck in my head, so I’ll build a track based on that.

Independence has been imprinted in you since your days in Madvoodoo and PHFat and the same goes for your latest project with you starting your own label called Megacorp. What draws you to releasing music independently and what is the focus and vision for Megacorp?

At the moment Megacorp is a platform for me and some fellow South African artists to release on. It isn’t a label in the traditional sense. Artists keep all their rights so it’s more of a platform for original concepts coming out of SA. I started the company so I don’t have to deal with majors.

You released the HFT EP only a few months following the release of your debut album Spellz. What is the reasoning behind releasing so much music in a short period of time and can we expect more projects to be released this year?

I’m working on a new EP that should be dropping just before Mieliepop.

The universe of Disco is further extended to the visuals of your music videos. Tell us more about the environment which Disco reside in and the things he does. Some elements of traditional hip-hop music videos feature in your but the story is told through a different lens. Mieliepop is arguably your biggest booking as Disco so far. What can fans expect from your performance and is there any potential for a surprise cameo from your current or previous collaborators?

The show has definitely evolved. We have some dope things planned for Mieliepop but you’re just gonna have to come see for yourself.

Mieliepop takes place 21 – 24 March at  the 30th of September at  Tolderia Resort in Lothair, Mpumalang. Get your tickets here. For all updates on Mieliepop follow the hashtag #Mieliepop2018 and Mieliepop on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

Featured images by Dean Peterson and Oliver Karstel


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