We Are Charlie release their brand new single ‘Red Norton’


A new single must mean there is an album in the pipeline, right?

By now I’m sure you all know the energetic and upbeat sound that is known as, the ever so notorious, We Are Charlie. Their style is one that contains highly distinct guitar melodies followed by a drum and bass influence produced to provide solid, yet groovy, sounds. These instrumental elements has become a foundation that We Are Charlie conveys their messages: through an honest, yet, complex approach to lyrics.

Mid-2016 Rudolph de Villiers joined the band to further-enrich the notion of We Are Charlie and here they present the latest single. This is what the three-badass-charlies sound like when they are intense and driven human beings.

“This song felt very natural to write as we didn’t have to force anything to work, other than lyrics, “comments frontman Dylan.

Their latest single ‘Red Norton’ opens with a traditional guitar riff that dominates largely throughout, that introduces We Are Charlie’s unique sound.  With simplistic drum-work that gives it slightly a one-dimensional quality. I think it is very exciting when everything just flows together, into an epic master piece, whilst writing new material.

We Are Charlie have that ability to capture your attention straight away, making them the perfect act for an outdoor festival. They keep on bringing back that old school guitar riff driven indie sound, keeping their fans jumping for more. Dylan Christie’s raw voice gives this single its unavoidable appeal. To some extent the single reminded me a little bit of BOXER’s set, which is kind of awesome.

I think that this single might show some sort of transition in the band’s music writing process, compared to their previous singles, such as ‘Hey Friend’ and ‘Let’s Stare at the Sun’, which was more upbeat and has that dance quality to it. ‘Red Norton’ is more badass with heavier sequences of note and a simple melody that will leave you wanting more.

Following their 5FM charting hit single ‘Let’s Stare At The Sun’, We Are Charlie’s latest single ‘Red Norton’ reaches a new mature level of songwriting; their strongest single to date.



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