Common Conversations with P.U.S.H.


Designers, Vera Oliviera and Cherene Fordyce collaborated with shared ideals to launch the clothing label P.U.S.H. They will be showing their collection at The Common Rooms Fashion Up. We spoke to the designers about their collection, fashion as a lifestyle and all their inspirations.

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The Fuss – How do you define “fashion” and why do people care about it so much?

PUSH – Fashion is the way we live, the way we care, the way we love, it all influences the way we style. Fashion defines who we are and what we are about – therefore when words fail to express, fashion will do the talking.

The Fuss – Who or what inspired you to become a designer? Was it always something you knew you would do?

Cherene – I always loved doing things that were creative. I had a lot of ideas of what I wanted to do such as interior decorating, jewelery design or even fashion design. At the last minute I decided on fashion with a boost from my mother and never looked back.

Vera – I didn’t know it was something that I was meant to do but over the years my creative soul started working in fashion and that’s where I found my heart belongs.

The Fuss –  Who are your favourite designers and why?

PUSH – The late Alexander McQueen as his clothes would tell a story and inspire to push the limits with fashion – as Betty Johnson does with her crazy ideas.

The Fuss – What is your biggest inspiration in life?

PUSH – Life itself is our biggest inspiration.



The Fuss – Tell us about your collection and the influences or inspirations in creating these collections?

PUSH – Our collection is hipster chic with different prints and silhouettes, which was inspired by the street wear of Europe and South Africa. We wanted to fill the gap in the market with our fashion forward thinking abilities.

The Fuss – Fill us in on your biggest fashion or beauty secret?

PUSH – Never be scared to over dress. Rather be over dressed and gorgeous than under dressed and boring. When it comes to make up natural is always beautiful.

The Fuss – What is your biggest pet peeve in fashion?

PUSH – Our peeve is people that don’t put an effort into looking good.

The Fuss – What do you hope to get out of taking part in Fashion Up?

PUSH – We would like people to enjoy and love our collection as much as we did when we created it. If any other opportunities arise from the Common Room Designer Day we will be truly grateful.

The Fuss – Where and how can anyone interested get a hold of your collections?

PUSH – You can get hold of us on Facebook, Twitter and you can email us for orders or any questions on Do keep an eye on all the posts for further information on where we will be selling, for now we take orders.



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