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LISOF graduate, Jessica Rayne, is one of the designers showing her collection at The Common Rooms Fashion Up. We spoke to the designer about her collection, Rayne, fashion as art and all her inspirations.

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The Fuss – How do you define “fashion” and why do people care about it so much?

Rayne – Fashion is an art form, the material used is fabric. People care about it because it becomes an opportunity of self expression.

The Fuss – Who or what inspired you to become a designer? Was it always something you knew you would do?

Rayne – Yes, from the youngest age. I would probably credit my mother and grandmother to being the initial inspiration. I loved the way they put things together as well as an appreciation for quality, luxury and a sense of being an individual. I have always looked at the way people dress from the homeless to celebreties in magazines, although the homeless were always more interesting to me.

The Fuss – Who are your favourite designers and why?

Rayne – Christopher Kane for his dynamic approach and thinking.  He is probably the only designer I really follow. Dolce & Gabbana for their romantic appeal as well as their understanding of what it is to be a certain type of woman.

The Fuss – What is your biggest inspiration in life?

Rayne – Music.


The Fuss – Tell us about your collection and the influences or inspirations in creating these collections?

Rayne – Each garment is a labor of love, carefully deconstructed and put back together with a modern and distinctive twist. I am influenced mainly by my current emotional state – the books I’m reading, the music I’m listening to, my relationships and the people I spend time with. The things I’m seeing and doing – THE WAY I FEEL.

The Fuss – Fill us in on your biggest fashion or beauty secret?

Rayne – Comfort and a red lip, always.

The Fuss – What is your biggest pet peeve in fashion?

Rayne – Way too much ego.

The Fuss –  What do you hope to get out of taking part in Fashion Up?

Rayne – Exposure.

The Fuss – Where and how can anyone interested get a hold of your collections?

Rayne – All pieces are one of a kind- I offer private viewings. Clients can contact me directly on,za or 072 345 6140. Updates are on my websitefacebook and twitter.




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