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On the 29th of November, creative hub, The Common Room, is hosting a fashion event. The event presents the inaugural experience in our Common Room Sessions partnership with the communal workspace. The designer day is aimed at giving local independent designers an exciting platform from which to showcase their talent.

The day will feature three designers with each hosting a runway show allowing attendants an opportunity to view their collections. Attendant will also get an opportunity to purchase the creations with each designer installing a pop-up store within the various Common Room chambers.

The selection of designers offers a diverse palette of styles, ensuring, at least one item on show will take your fancy regardless of your preferences.



“Our aim is to design and create for the young trendy chic, hipsters that love living. Someone that wants to look different from their peers, that have social events every week. From concerts, to picnics, to clubs, to an interview, to a meeting, to the beach or even to a gala event. A P.U.S.H customer is someone that is fashion forward, and ready to take on the world with confidence and a killer outfit.”

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” Each garment is a labor of love, carefully deconstructed and put back together with a modern and distinctive twist. With each garment being custom made and one of a kind, the owner is guaranteed and exclusive and environmentally conscious product which they will treasure beyond trend and time.”

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“Straatmate, based on a first year anniversary present from Anita to Castro, represents a vision of comfortable, quality and distinctive casual and street wear. Beginning with a small sample line of leather and African print reversible bucket hats that were launched at the end of 2012…”

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Fashion Up

All attendants receive a gift bag filled with goodies from all the participating designers and sponsors upon entrance. Food and drink will also be served during the event.



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