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Halloween is second to only New Years Eve when it comes to the availability of options for a date with the night.

There are countless events taking place over this weekend, to such as degree that it is a hellish experience deciding which event deserves to see the amazing outfit you’ve spent the entire month planning.

We’ve taken the liberty to relieve you of this horrific burden by doing the hard yards extracting the great from the good; giving you three events you absolutely have to be at this weekend as well as three extremely reliable reasons supporting our selection in a logical manner.

Griet Halloween

Halloween 2014 | Griet | 31 October | Arcade Empire | Pretoria | R180

  • Griet. Yes, Griet in itself is a reason. I’m not even really even sure which came first; Griet or Halloween parties.
  • It’s got the most international artists performing and everyone knows international acts are the in thing.
  • If international acts aren’t your thing, you’ll be glad to know that this event also has the most local acts performing.

Details here.


A royal halloween

A Royal Halloween | The Kings Events | 31 October | Town Hall | Johannesburg | R150

  • Town Hall is closing down. Well at least it’s the last party there as Town Hall.
  • Value for your money as this is three parties for the price of one: A Town Hall party, A Kings Yard party, and a party bus to transport you between the two all night.
  • Lady Lea is third (of all South Africans) on the DJ Mag Top 10 DJs list for 2014.

Details here.



Halloween | Not Bad | 1 November | Rumours | Roodepoort

  • It’s not actually on Halloween so you get more value out of your costume as you can wear it for a second time.
  • Dr Khumalo is playing his last show for a while. He is a father now.
  • Free sauna treatment while you watch the bands.

Details here.

Happy Halloween.

It’s A Date With The Night.


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