Music, My Only Religion


While standing in the drunk and drugged up euphoric crowd at Grietfest, absorbing the combustion of music that Das Kapital was smashing against my body, the same thought repeatedly returned to my mind in vivid colours ; this is the only church I’ll ever need.

The act of partaking in these grand ceremonious parties is not only a spiritual experience but a religious experience. We gather around high priests and priestesses who smash beats against our bodies and make us realise why we were put on this earth.  These churches that we congregate inside unleash a spiritually primitive side to us, we dance and contort around each other like shamans trying to entice ancient spirits. With hands raised extending and reaching towards the holy entity which makes us feel alive.

We, the people who inhabit this urban jungle and attend these parties, gigs and acoustic sessions,transform from one entity into a collassal mass when we step through the doors of our reckless and ever growing church.  Music is a facet of us which is incapable of being just background noise,  music is a loud, ever increasing pulsation which ripples throughout us. Music is an omnipresent entity.

Long live the days of reckless abandon.


About Author

I'm a young writer who's main goal is to make my readers feel the experiences I live through my writing. I have a deep love for the culture and music of South Africa as well as the people whom inhabit this ancient urban jungle. Long live the days of reckless abandon