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Disco Dons Disco De Moda have been championing all things Disco in Johannesburg since 2012. No one does its like Disco De Moda because, in Johannesburg, no one does Disco. In a city infiltrated by Trap, Big Room and all the other sounds cool kids listen to, Disco De Moda have been quietly building a community for individuals open to “uptown vibrations & cosmic DJ delights”.

The events industry is one of the fastest rising industries in South Africa – highlighted by the amount of international acts gracing our shores in the recent past. 2014 is no different and Disco De Moda is not getting left behind in this game. This year will see them hosting their first international DJ and it seems universally right it is an artist on the DFA roster – Marcus Marr.

Parktonian Hotel Johannesburg South Africa

Parktonian Hotel
Johannesburg, South Africa


It is highly likely that you recognise the song you hear playing. The track is called The Music and the 9 minute epic by Marcus Marr has been the soundtrack to Disco De Moda parties since its release. The track epitomises everything Disco De Moda is about – Indie Rock meets Dance, “a healthy nostalgia for the 80s and big love for disco edits”.

This Friday at Kitcheners you will get to hear The Music spun by its creator, Marcus Marr. The Multi-Instrumentalist/DJ/Producer/European Vinyl Nerd, has an eclectic taste for sounds and you can expect his set to take you on a journey through a variety of his influences including acid house, soul funk, disco edits, bass and techno.

Also on the bill are Disco De Moda alumni Data Takashi and Casio Heart, as well as Kitcheners resident Andrew The DJ. Sassquatch will be curating visuals fit for the music.

Its a Date With The Night

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