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The last time Diplo came to South Africa to perform, he had such a great time that he felt the first experience of his record labels Block Party outside of America should take place in our beautiful country. After much fanfare it is finally Mad Decent Block Party week with Olmeca Tequila and Seed Experiences hosting the experience.


The weakest thing about the last time Diplo was here was seeing a couple of individuals being invited on stage to #ExpressYourself and not really being sure how to do so. The individual who seemed clued up on exactly what Diplo meant was a male who assumed the position to twerk but was apprehended by security, who did not seem clued up on what Twerking was either.

With Diplo bestowing us the pleasure of experiencing the Mad Decent Block Party, we at The Fuss thought it pivotal that our sequel experience with Diplo was as the universe demands. We took the time to research how to twerk and thought we’d pass the pearls of wisdom over to you.

First of all it’s important to understand that Twerking was not created by Miley Cyrus. Twerking is a form of dancing which originates in the Carribean. It was globalised by Diplo through his Major Lazer group which introduced many individuals to dancehall music. The guy is a tastemaker.

Before we get into the actual dance, a vital part of Twerking is what you wear. The Twerk emphasises the booty – so it is best to wear something which will further accentuate this, for example spandex shorts.

  • Get into the squat position
  • Bend you knees slightly and ensure you are balanced
  • Ensure you are not too low to the ground, and that you’re in a position where it looks like you’re about to take a seat in a chair
  • Stick your booty out
  • You can either place your hands on your hips, in the air  or on the ground
  • Shake your booty back and forth, bending and straightening your knees to accentuate your booty
  • As with any dance move, it is important to move to the rhythm of the music
  • If you feel comfortable with your Twerking you could try the intermediate wall Twerk, where you squat with your bottom to the wall and walk your feet up the wall and shake your booty holding this position.

Watch the music video for Express Yourself below for examples of the different kinds of Twerking. You’ll notice that it is important to act as if you’re alone, to really get loose when Twerking.

The Mad Decent Block Party takes place at Mary Fitzgerald Square this Saturday with performance by Major Lazer, Dillon Francis, Flosstradamus, Paul Devro, Sibot & Toyota, Das Kapital, Liver and Niskerone.

It’s a Date With The Night

Visit the event page here for full details and ticketing info


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