Date With The Night | Week 43


A couple thousand of the Johannesburg Massive will be escaping the city, its suburbs and the hustle for a little bit of chemically induced escapism and fantasy in the forests of Magaliesburg for the Twilight Open Air Festival. For those of us sticking around there remains lots to do this week, and we also get to test out our scary costumes at a couple of Halloween curtain raisers.

It’s A Date With The Night.


Thursday the 24th

If you know anything about Johannesburg and its dates with the nights you’ll know that the city is affected by a bass epidemic. The masses are addicted and not a single week goes by without a Drum n Bass party happening somewhere in our city. This week is no different with Addictshun celebrating a year of jungle in the city. They bringing up ALXR from Cape Town as a present to quench your liquid thirst along with a solid line-up of the best from the Johannesburg.

If Drum n’ Bass is not your cup of tea, then it’s not game over. Well, technically it is, Game Over at Rumours. Unlike a certain [pretorian]venue Rumours has and will continue to support the local alternative scene. It probably is Johannesburg’s Heart Of Music in that respect and the trend continues on this evening. It doesn’t get more rock n’ roll than a line-up that reads The Makeovers, Death Pegasus and The SlashDogs


Friday the 25th

There’s a couple of malls who’ve started displaying their Christmas decorations. For some October is too early, but one thing it’s never to early to do is give. The Non-Profit Organisation Green Beings is giving you an opportunity to party at MiHouse whilst also contreebuting funds to transform eight schools in Cosmo City into models of sustainable living. The line-up includes Bye Beneco, Black Pimp’n Jesus and the crew from BeatNN amongst others. It starts with you.

Johannesburg’s Heart Of Music continues to pump blood through the veins of the industry tonight. Rumour has it if there’s no gig happening at Rumours Lounge, the world is going to end. Thankfully the world won’t be ending this Saturday. Headlining the event are Sama-Award recipients, Zebra & Giraffe who have not been gigging often as they’ve been working on new material. With Julian Redpath, We Set Sail, Man As Machine and Gunslinger also on the bill this is definitely a date with the night.



Saturday the 26th

If you are at Rumours on the Friday, make a plan to sleepover there and make sure you bring a Halloween costume as you’ll get to give it it’s first try on the Saturday for Spook Partay. When last did you see Shortstraw and Desmond & The Tutus on the same bill? To top it all off The Plastics have been summoned from the Cape for what will be the second stop on their Friendly Ghosties tour with Shortstraw. It’s a dress up party, so don’t be that cool kid and play along for the funnest line-up all week.

If indie vibes aren’t your style but you’re still in the kind of mood to play dress up, then Town Hall is where it is going down. The guys from Dont Party are hosting a meeting at Town Hall where they’ll be discussing all things ghoulish. With Sedge ‘Monster’ Warbler and Music ‘Bloody’ Chairs amongst others selecting the sounds, and Messy ‘Gengar’ Perfection on the visuals, it’s going to be all treats for your senses. Keep an eye on their site to stand a chance to win 1 of 500 tickets they are giving away.

Technically Halloween is only the following week. So if you’re not quite ready to trick or treat then the Bohemian is the place to be for Make Believe. We can make believe it’s the unofficial Pride after party with a very strong female presence on the bill. It’s all happening at the Bohemian and the line-up includes Gateau de Bouef, Frankie Beagle, The Meerkat Mob and Japan And I .


Sunday the 27th

Make sure you take a liver pill if you’re partying the night before. Park Acoustics always starts early and people attend the Sunday event religiously. Grab your cooler box along with your grandma’s blanket and take the trip to the Voortrekker Monument to find out why. Enough said.






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