Date With The Night | Week 44


Last weekend was Halloween Beta, and Ali & the G’s (aka Desmond & The Tutus) delivered a solid opportunity for us to test out our Halloween costumes. One issue however – it wasn’t really Halloween. All Hallow’s Eve is actually this week and there are many options for you to twerk or treat, with the most obvious being the Griet shindig on Friday. Regardless of Halloween it’s a busy week for Johazardburg, with various options available to have fun at social gatherings throughout the week.

It’s A Date With The Night


Wednesday the 30th

Some people say when Tecla Ciolfi visits Greenside, tequila sales increase by 30%. Besides for the clear economical consequences, there are also musical ramifications here. Texxonfire has partnered with Ray-Ban to host a monthly event at the OpenRoom Studios – JoziOnFire. This week see’s Texx hosting folk-boxer, Nechama Brodie and electronic lovers, Death By Misadventure. Also, it’s free, so if you don’t go expect an untimely death by uppercut.


Thursday the 31st (aka Halloween)

Before the moon eats the sun, and day becomes night, a few hundred people are congregating at the West Park Cemetery to take part in the 7th annual Zombie Walk. First rule of Zombie Walk – You’re a Zombie. Dress the Part and act the part. Second rule of Zombie Walk – Never break the first rule. Make a plan to get a sick note or just arrive at school or work in character already so you can make it to West Park Cemetery by 1pm. These are photo’s you’ll want to show your grandchildren.

It’s not everyday we list a Greenside party for a date with the night, but the team from YOG YOG has put together a solid line-up for the second instalment of their Halloween Party at Gin. With DoowapFeed The Animals and Tht Grl on the decks, the party is sure to provide a great relief from the 5FM chart-toppers usually on offer on the boulevard of smoke and broken mirrors. There is no entrance fee if you dress up.


Friday the 1st (aka not Halloween)

Only a Griet party can make one feel as if they should change the universal Halloween date to fall on the 1st of November. Even though it’s not really Halloween, this is the Halloween party everyone wants to be at. Griet is taking over the block and setting up 3 themed stages to host 18 of the best local DJ’s and Bands. Seeing acts like HaezerNiskerone, Mr Green, Watermark HighFuzigish and Ali & the G’s easily outweighs the effort in getting to Arcade Empire.


 Saturday the 2nd 

Some lovely animal-loving ladies have organised a charity gig at Tanz Live, called Rocking For Rations. This is a  fully non-profit event, with all proceeds going to the animal shelter, FORA. The team behind the organisation of this event has put together their best line-up yet with ShadowclubBye Beneco and Jet Black Camaro all on the bill alongside three other Joburg staples. Charity begins at gigs. Or something like that.


Sunday the 3rd

Shortstraw’s dealings in the local music industry has been a flagship case of DIY 101. One wonders how these gents afford their rent and utilities while giving away their music free of charge. They’re taking the DIY bull by the horns again for the 18th installment of Boosh. Where else can you see ShortstrawAli & the G’s and Wrestlerish amongst others without paying a cent? It’s an option at Boosh – but we do encourage you put something in the tip jar to help “buy headache pills and pay medical aid and rent”, because Boosh is finally legal and mom says it’s time to move out.




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