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Much like Christmas Day and Santa Clause, age has changed most of perceptions in regards to Valentines and Cupid. The wisdom of age has allowed us to move from who got the most roses from secret admirers in school and mature into a fierce breed of Valentines mutineers.

A lost love is what characterises these Valentines mutineers and who can say they have never been burnt by love. It can warm you like gentle fire in a cabin in the woods, but more often than not, it scorches your emotions like an inferno.

Capitalism took this little Christian liturgical celebration of a Saint named Valentinus packaged it neatly in a red box and sold it as a material means of showing affection to those your adore.

The holiday is progressively losing its romantic lure and the scenario was only perpetuated by the well publicised Valentines horror of 2013. Too Soon?

What Were You Thinking?

what were you thinking

Things to avoid this Valentines.

  • Sensationalised Valentines Horror headlines
  • Red Red wine
  • PS chocolate bars
  • CNA and Clicks
  • Bullets
  • Expectation

Fortunately, we have scouted the best venue and time where none of the above will be readily available.

Join us for this weeks Date With The Night at the (not) valentines jol, What Were You Thinking?

Our friends Go Barefoot and Gangsterdam are on the bill alongside 6 other emerging Joburg bands and DJs.

Its A Date With The Night



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