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Sutherland Track of the week

This week’s track of the week is a live recorded session of Lost by Sutherland. Recorded in a friends backyard, the video was an expirement of sorts for the group. Sutherland released the video as a means of testing the waters and figuring out what kind of response they’d get to this project.

The response was substantial with the band earning a spot on the Ramfest bill and playing shows at Tanz Live and Wolves Cafe behind the release of the video. The theme and content of the video exemplifies Sutherland in the space of 5 minutes – Three friends with a mutual appreciation of music, making folk sounds in a wendy house somewhere in a Linden backyard.

Sutherlands’ vocalist, Michael, gave us some insight into the Jack Johnson-esque track.

“The song itself is basically about a situation that loads of people find themselves in. Those situations where you give a lot of yourself to something or someone and you feel like it’s all been taken for granted. When things like that come to an end people often feel lost. Lost in the sense that once you realise the thing or result you wanted isn’t really real and might never have been, you find yourself walking alone in some sort of desolate place… and you’ve wondered far from what really matters, or getting closer to knowing what matters. Suddenly you’re lost, trying to get back to what you know. What is safe.”

Watch the video below and catch Sutherland live on the 21st of February at Nothing Major


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