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Right now, I’m listening to a song that sounds like when dolphins dream a lot. It’s called Bubbles and I sent it to my boyfriend on Facebook after I watched a pod of killer whales eat a tiger shark. It was kind of fun to see a shark look scared because usually they don’t have any emotion in their faces but it’s eyes were very black and scared. I like seeing things in places they shouldn’t be; like fear in a shark’s eyes.


Makes me happy.

Right now, my Facebook is going kind of crazy because the editor of Pop Serial, this alt-lit mag in New York was out-ed on Tumblr for raping girls. The girls spoke about it themselves and now everyone is freaking out because my generation of literate, sensitive boy artists and writers are supposed to be pro-feminism. That’s interesting. His name is Stephan Tully Dierks and he is fucked.

I haven’t slept in a couple of days which is quite normal for a lot of people. I think about the best stuff at night anyway and also have the best conversations. Sometimes friends call me at these times when they are awake too and we talk maybe the same language you would talk if you were in Twin Peaks, backwards on a VHS.

A lot of the time, I’m thinking about androgyny and transgender. I like the idea of putting sexuality into places that are surprising. Or maybe even removing sexuality from things. Desensorizing things like boys and girls by making them the same thing and sexless.  Or like making a black pizza. That’s so health goth. I wrote a poem about this idea. It’s about pizza on the outside and sex on the inside. You can read it:


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