Selfies of Krank’d Up


The Fuss was at Krank’d Up Fest. We gave our phone to friends and total strangers with the front-facing camera turned on and this is what happened.

“Look at us. We’re at Krank’d Up”


Selfies of Krank'd Up

Stephanie Crow


Stephanie Crow – IT Manager

Best experience at Krank’d? – “Seeing all the Old faces.”

Thoughts on the drink prices? – “Drink prices where Cheap.”

What did you enjoyed most? – “I enjoyed Newtown Knife gang most.”


Selfies of Krank'd Up

Liam Fagan

Liam Fagan – Photographer & Professional Photobomber

Best band to photograph at Krank’d? – “Got some pics of Red Helen and The Drift, but I wasn’t really geared for shooting, But got some good shots of The Drift.”

Share a good experience from the show? – “Mini wall of death with Red Helen… that was epic; old fat guy moshing. Fun man.”

What you least liked at Krank’d? – “That 2nd last band, no man I have no idea what the hell they are trying to do but whatever it is… they should rather stop.”


Selfies of Krank'd Up

Sarah Jenkins


Sarah Jenkins – Student in Information Systems

What did you get up to at Krank’d? – “I basically chatted to people, waited in queues and watched bands. Also ate a revolting pizza cone.”

Best band you watch at Krank’d? – “The best band for me was protest the hero.”

What would you change about the event? – “I would’ve had more staff at the bars, had those floating beer tents working and had more variety of food. Other than the catering, I thought it was a pretty cool event”


Selfies of Krank'd Up

Wilhelm van Biljon


Wilhelm van Biljon – Student in Industrial Engineering 

Something you saw at Krank’d? – “‘Saw some awesome bands and decently organized event (SA sound engineers better than those brought by the bands).”

Which locals bands got you excited? – “Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, Freedom For Your Life, Newtown Knife Gang, Poverty of Ideals..”

Next year? – “Definitely next year.”


Selfies of Krank'd Up

Venezia Fanner

Venezia Fanner – IT Administrator 

How was Krank’d? – “Krank’d up definitely surprised me. I had a really great time considering the whole metal scene really isn’t my scene. It was well organised and the drink specials were really good. I was impressed.”

Which bands were most excited to see? – “I was definitely most excited to see Protest the Hero. I had heard a few of their songs before the show, but seeing them live was great. They didn’t disappoint..”

Best moment at Krank’d? – “My best moment at Krank’d up must have been every moment I spent with my friends and family basically. Hadn’t seen a lot of those friends in a while and it was great catching up..”


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