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 Its 2006, Back2Basix is still a premier music venue and MK has just launched. The indie-dance aesthetic has recently blown up and most suburban kids are excited about everything coming out of the scene. 

Enter kidofdoom

Four years, two albums, a couple of complementary members, over ten thousand km’s travelled and a couple of festival headlinings down-the-line, the initial emotion was shock when the group, at the crest of the indie-dance wave, declared that they would be splitting up.

The confusion over their separation merely reinforced the extrinsic cosmic lore of the band. From the beginning there was a sense of mystery and intrigue about kidofdoom. With the absence of vocals and a penchant for multi-layered orchestral post-rock, the band was doing things we hadn’t quite experienced locally, “Deep Space Champion Pop”.

It was like the soundtrack to the apocalypse in the year 2056, except the doom was graceful and some scenes were in 8bit.

The Sama-nominated group was trending when blunt magazine was still in publication, managing to notch a best live band nomination from the alternative zine. You could say the group pioneered the way for post-instrumental acts such as Eyes Like Mirror and Bateleur, whom have not managed to reach the peaks grasped by kidofdoom. The band even had a speciality kidofdoom burger designed for Duke’s Burgers.

With heroic chord progressions, rolling percussive licks, yearning ethereal synths and revelatory visualisations, kidofdoom combine a plethora of genres to create a multisensory landscape; leaving it up to the audiences to create a story.

2 months ago the band was toying with the idea of a playing another couple of shows and only four weeks later the band announced a national reunion tour with stops in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Northam Rock City for another installment of Oppikoppi.

The Joburg leg takes place on the 15th of June and coincides with Town Halls 3rd birthday celebrations. With no other bands playing during the JHB leg this is truly a tribute. The band will be playing a mammoth 17 song set including tracks from kidofdoom (2007), My Faith In War (2009) and some unreleased material.

With their planetarium tron-rock; the blast from the past into the future is sure to be one of the most memorable spectacles on the 2013 calender.

Set phasers to stun

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