Sierra Sky debut first single


Matthew Watson and Jade Fortune present ‘Time is Light’

There’s been talk of partners Matthew Watson and Jade Fortune releasing material off their very own project. The timeline was not exact. I never sought to ask when, bur rather anticipated the moment they would feel ready to share it with the public. Well, that time is now. Sierra Sky has just released their first track ‘Time is Light’. Matthew Watson, current member of gypsy folk band Bye Beneco, formerly of post-rock band Eyes Like Mirrors has released all encompassing compositions in side projects such as Humanimals and Lemuria  and Jade Fortune who has added vocal fluidity to several tracks off Drift Prism EPs, have created a sound that allows us to dream in layers. With sweet indie pop vocals along with an intricate percussive journey and waning synth that lets us bloat with endless moments of non gravitational moods and momentums, the super sweetness in the singing and the bountiful harmony in the story creates a beautiful foundation to start this new project off. Cheers to its novelty and to plenty more of it coming our way.


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