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Fear Monger; Bass Twitter’s favourite 2017 release

In the same way, Black Twitter has certain things only its constituents comprehend the full extent of, so too does Bass Twitter when it comes to all things related to drum and bass music. In the Bass Twitter circles, the trending topic for the early parts of 2017 has been Fear Monger: the debut LP release from 19-year-old Pretoria producer Chee.

For those not in the know, the prodigious release from the most exciting South African bass export may be unfathomable. But international success before local recognition is the standard with the likes of Petite Noir, Spoek Mathambo and even Die Antwoord following the path. With recognition from the likes of Bleep Bloop, G Jones, Proko, Lamebot, Mat Zo and most notably Noisia; it seems Chee is headed on the same trajectory.

If your understanding of music extends itself only to the rhythms, melodies, signatures and beats of the conventional kind, then Fear Monger will be as relatable as Goncharov polylogarithms. While the LP traverses a variety of influences and genres, the most relevant label for the album as a whole is neurofunk. Chee’s debut is a masterclass in sound design which arrests the neuron receptors forcing them into hyperactive emotion.

Ever since we featured ‘Bottom Feeder’ in The Fuss List, we knew Chee was so. The Saturate Records released Fear Monger more than justifies those early impressions. Our favourite track on the album and a good place to start for the reluctant is the Noclu featuring ‘Get Hot’. Stream and download Fear Monger.


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