For years music has seeped into, influenced, and shaped the culture of art, design, politics, and more directly fashion. With decades of iconic fashion eras shaped by the musical tides of the times and vice versa – there’s an interesting conversation to be had about how these two landscapes interact and engage with each other.

Over the next few weeks I hope to explore this relationship with the aims to understand what makes this coupling of ideas and interactivity work.

I spoke to Lisof Alumni and contemporary Fashion Designer Jessica Rayne about her design practices, involvement, and overall thoughts on the marriage between music and fashion.


The Fuss – In an interview we did with you last here, you told us that Music is your biggest inspiration – how does that translate into Fashion, specifically your Fashion?

Rayne – Music dictates or contributes to my mood A LOT of the time which then filters into my work and the way I design/dress/ think/feel. If I’m listening to a certain album / artist or style of music, I often end up deriving inspiration from the way it makes me feel and design accordingly.

The Fuss – You once styled and dressed Eve Rakow of The Frown / Stolen Pony for a shoot by Steve Marais titled Bride of Zion with an accompanying fashion film – what do you think of music as a platform for often setting trends for fashion?

Rayne – I think this is very much a ‘ what comes first the chicken or the egg’ situation. I do however feel that both feed and are influenced by one another.


The Fuss – What are some of the more influential eras in music / artists in music who’ve helped curate some of your favourite fashion trends?

Rayne – I am probably most influenced by the 60’s and 70’s. The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Free, Led Zeppelin. I listen to a lot of folk and blues too! A bit of Hip hop and R&B. But Rock and Roll will always have my heart.

The Fuss – What is the importance, if any, of the affect that music and musicians have on fashion consumption, especially as a designer (perhaps even in creating a certain range)

Rayne – Music is the one thing that every human being relates to, maybe even more so then fashion. But with music videos, I guess fashion almost translates the sound into a visual so in saying, that I do think musicians are always going to be people that are relatable and inspiring. Even before that – people watched Elvis and Bob Dylan – artists have always been someone people aspire to and even try to look/dress like – so I’m sure that’s going to impact on what’s in fashion and ultimately what’s in stores.

The Fuss – As an already young and well-established designer and stylist, who are some of the musicians you’ve enjoyed working with / alongside?

Rayne – My favourite would most probably have to be Toya DeLazy – what a humble, beautiful human being!

The Fuss – The range featured on your website has some very Lana Del Rey sentiments, is there any connection to that, to her? Or do you not like Lana Del Ray altogether, which could be a possibility?

Rayne – I’ve never had that before, but I will most certainly take it as a compliment. Thank-you  I love Lana’s whole aesthetic. She empowers a lot of the qualities and aesthetic I like to associate Rayne with.


The Fuss – If you could have a soundtrack to your latest range, what would it be?

Rayne – I don’t know if I would be able to choose between ‘The Year of Hibernation – Youth lagoon’ and ‘ Salad Days – Mac DeMarco’ and ‘Blue Chips – Action Bronson’…..It’s probably a combination of all three because that’s what I’ve had on repeat.

The Fuss – What are your thoughts on the relationship that Music and Fashion have?

Rayne – For me, as a creative – they go hand in hand.

The Fuss – You’re hosting The World’s Most Glamorous Fashion Sale, what can we expect to see and what are some of the more Must-Have items on sale?

Rayne – We have got some amazing stock in. Think of the most gorgeous, luxurious hard to find, treasure type pieces for next to nothing when it comes to price.

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– Brooklyn J.


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