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We switched it up a bit and went a tad bit heavy this week as we feature Johannesburg based Post-Hardcore act Climate Control.

Tidal Wave is an emotionally explosive single that couples mildly progressive riffs with ‘weak at the knees’ vocal melodies.


Climate Control - Tidal Wave

A band that prides themselves on fan interaction, Climate Control really made use of social media as a tool to build hype around the single. Creating a campaign that encapsulated a few teasers, from the single artwork, photographed by yours truly, to track and video snippets.

It didn’t end there though, a live music video was shot at Ramfest 2014 as well as a short novel written by the indie writer, Sergio Pereira. Truly making this an all around digital experience that engages fans in pretty much every level possible – if only they could play a live show in my garage, that would be rad.

Tidal Wave is beautifully tragic or tragically beautiful, I can’t really tell amidst the tears rolling down my face as lead vocalist, Nicholas all smooth and silky-like sings the main lyrics “No Please Stay” in a not-to-short of an RnB type manner, much like that of Jonny Craig (Slaves) and Tyler Carter (Issues)

It has to be said that production on the single was nothing short of world-class. Produced by  award-winning Clinton Watts of Watts Production (Bury Tomorrow, Truth & Its Burden, OneDaySky) and mastered by Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, We Came As Romans), Tidal Wave is the evolution of Climate Control.

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