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This weeks track of the week, The Prince Of The Hanging Gardens, is the closing track taken off Beatenberg’s debut album, The Hanging Gardens Of Beatenberg.Beatenberg - The Hanging Gardens Of Beatenberg

“Hold me, scold me, extol me, console me.

Through the 90s, and the 80s, and the Tigris, the Euphrates.”

…says the chorus as it hugs your insides, pulls heavily on your belt and slips into your brain activity.

This track highlights the era of pro-genre testing, by fusing the genuine sounds of RnB, pop, soul and jungle chill wave into one hymn. The track, featuring the prince, of the titled album The Hanging Gardens of Beatenberg, resembles the three boy unity the boys of this band represent- the sons of their Monarch, Cape Town.

Written by vocalist Matthew Field, and published by Sony/ATV, this song stands out in the album because of its nostalgic release of endorphins and sly sensual undertones. Each ‘da, da, da’ paired up with the echoes of tweeting birds introduces its listeners to its window of innocent opportune moments, while the steady drum beat keeps the rhythm’s basis loyal to the emotion of the beats.

In a dual effect, the lyrics, combined with the percussion, creates innuendos of previous eras merging into more recent ones, ignoring the wholesome and rather focusing on the ethereal. This track not only speaks to its listeners, it holds them, in a light cotton embrace, where its chords tip toe around your environment, greeting your senses one by one.

Visit again on Wednesday for the full review of Beatenbergs debut, The Hanging Gardens Of Beatenberg.

Words by Tamara Arden


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